What documents do you need to sell a house in France?

What documents do I need to sell my house in France?

Firstly, only the owner of the property can sell it, so it’s good to have a range of documents proving your ownership. The mortgage statement, or fournir un état hypothécaire, is among the most important documents you’ll need, and the deed of sale cannot be signed without the notaire providing it to the buyer.

What is the procedure for selling a house in France?

How to sell your French property

  • Agent visits to take a mandate.
  • Diagnostic tests.
  • Marketing your property.
  • Buyer visits.
  • Negotiation and signing a Compromis de Vente.
  • Sign an Acte de Vente.

Can you sell your house privately in France?

2. Selling French Property Privately. Around 40% of all residential property sales in France are carried out privately, without the engagement of an estate agent. … However, although superficially attractive, selling privately may not be a suitable option for everyone.

What are the fees for selling a house in France?

The commission rates for selling a property in France can be anything from 4% to 10%. The highest commission rates would normally be payable on lower-valued properties because there is often just as much work – so the agent needs to make a reasonable fee. Generally, on higher-end French houses expect 4%-5% commission.

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How much tax do you pay when selling a house in France?

The current basic rate of French CGT on the sale of a French property is 19%. If the gain exceeds €50,000, so that any gain exceeding €50,000 there is additional tax to pay ranging from 2% to 6%. Therefore the maximum rate of capital gains tax is currently 25% on gains exceeding €260,000.

Can you sell a house in France without an estate agent?

No. A substantial proportion of property sales in France are carried out between private sellers and buyers, without the assistance of an estate agent. The main benefit is obviously a saving on the estate agent’s fees (estate agents charge, on average, up to 10% of the price of the property).

Can I pull out of a house sale in France?

Under French law individual purchasers have a 10 day cooling off period after signing a contract. The seller does not have a right to withdraw. The notaire should serve notice on the buyers informing them of their rights to withdraw without giving any reason.

How much is capital gains tax in France?

Residents of France are subject to fixed rates of capital gains tax of 19 percent on real estate properties and moveable goods. Shares are taxed at the scale rates of income tax. Social charges are applied on top, which are now 17.2% since 1 January 2018.

Why are French estate agents so expensive?

Estate agent fees are falling in France, the result of increased competition and a change in the law. The commission received by agents, unlike the fees of the notaire, are not regulated, so they are free to charge what the market will bear. …

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How long does a diagnostic report last in France?

Duration: If no lead is found, the validation period of the inspection is unlimited. However, if lead is found the report is valid for one year. For rental properties, the report is valid for 6 years.

What happens if you own a house in France after Brexit?

If you are planning to relocate to France, the good news is that you are still within your rights to purchase property in France after Brexit, with no restrictions. You are able to purchase a home in France to use as your second home, or as your permanent residence if you obtain the right to live in the country.