Is it worth buying a house with damp?

Is it bad to buy a house with damp?

Damp does not necessarily mean that you cannot buy a particular house – if you are part way through the process of buying, and damp is flagged as a problem, you should get the damp checked out by a professional and then speak to the seller about what can be done to either fix the issue or negotiate on the price.

Do house surveyors check for damp?

As we mentioned earlier, surveyors will do a visual check for damp and will also check using a handheld moisture meter. The meter will indicate to your surveyor if the moisture in the walls is higher than it should be. The surveyor will also inspect the damp proofing and drainage of the house.

When should I be concerned about damp?

A musty smell. The appearance of mould or mildew on walls, floors or ceilings. Walls, floors or ceilings that feel cold or wet. Dark or discoloured patches on walls or plaster.

Can you get a mortgage on a house with damp?

If a report says that damp has been found it will rarely say where, what the cause is or the severity of the problem. So it comes down to the homebuyer to sort out what to do next, and often the lender will make it a condition of the mortgage that you resolve the damp problem.

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Do I have to tell buyers about damp?

No. It is now a legal requirement to declare any problems (in the seller’s property information questionnaire). You cannot just paint over the problem and hope for the best.

How serious is damp?

Yes, if you have damp and mould in your home you’re more likely to have respiratory problems, respiratory infections, allergies or asthma. Damp and mould can also affect the immune system.

Is damp expensive to fix?

Rising damp can be expensive to fix. Not only do you have to stop the damp from entering, but you also have to fix the damage it causes. There are a few steps you can take to protect your home from the effects of rising damp, but there is not much you can do to stop it from happening.

What happens if a survey finds damp?

Depending on the kind of report you have commissioned, you may have all the information you need straight away, or you may need to have a further, specialist investigation carried out. The term ‘damp’ could refer to condensation damage (which may be rectified by opening a window or installing an extractor fan).

Does opening windows reduce damp?

Damp can’t actually be chased away by simply opening the windows. On the one hand, increased airflow might allow for some of the moisture to evaporate from the wall. Still, damp itself is only a symptom of a greater issue — which is the increased levels of humidity in the house.

Will a dehumidifier get rid of damp?

A dehumidifier will extract moisture from the air, a bit like a tumble dryer extracts moisture from clothing. … If you’re damp problem was caused by condensation in the first place, then a dehumidifier will solve the problem without you having to get the landlord involved.

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