You asked: What is dual agency in California real estate?

What is the definition of dual agency in California?

Legally speaking, a dual agent is a real estate broker, or agents working for the same broker, who act on behalf of both the seller and the buyer in a transaction. A broker is permitted to act as a dual agent in California only if the buyer and seller are both aware of and consent to the dual agency.

What is dual agency in real estate?

Dual agency is when a real estate agent represents both the buyer and the seller. … It’s only possible when both the buyer and seller give consent to be represented by the same agent.

Is dual agency good for the seller?

It’s also possible for both parties to be represented by the same person, a situation known as dual agency. While dual agency is certainly beneficial to the real estate agent, it is typically not a favorable arrangement for either the buyer or the seller.

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Does California allow dual agency?

Dual agency is not illegal in California, but it is a heavily litigated area of real estate law. … Chapter 10 discusses agency and states the fiduciary duty owed by real estate brokers to their principals has been compared by the courts to the duty owed to beneficiaries by a trustee under trust.

Why dual agency is bad?

At best, they say, dual agents can’t fulfill their fiduciary obligations to both parties. They can’t advance the best interests of both buyer and seller because those interests always diverge. At worst, dual agency creates a harmful conflict of interest.

Can a Realtor represent themselves as a buyer in California?

As salespeople, they can represent themselves during the property transaction. … So, when they buy or sell a new property, they can put their commission towards their next big investment.

Should I agree to dual agency?

To protect your finances and ensure you are selling or buying at the best possible price, it is probably best to avoid dual agency. Buyers or sellers may be inclined to work with a dual agent because they want to obtain confidential information about the person buying or selling the home.

Are two real estate agents ethical?

Sometimes, buyers will attempt to use multiple real estate agents when searching for a home. There are no regulations or legislation that states buyers cannot use more than one agent or realtor; however, realtors have a code of ethics they follow, and cannot interfere with another agent’s sales.

Can a seller refuse to pay buyers agent?

A seller is not obligated to pay the commission for a buyer’s agent. A: If you did not agree to pay the real estate agent, then you are not obligated to do so. Agents, like most other workers, get paid when someone hires them to do a service, such as finding a buyer for their house.

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Are dual agency illegal in some states?

Opponents of dual agency don’t believe an agent can represent both the seller and the buyer without compromising the best interests of one, or both parties. Among those opponents are the eight states that have made dual agency illegal: Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Maryland, Texas, Wyoming, and Vermont.

Is it bad to use the same Realtor as the seller?

Buyers can catch a break on Realtor commissions if both sides are using the same agent. The biggest advantage may not be saving money, but the possibility of having a leg up on other buyers by having the seller’s agent know what the other offers are and helping you make the best offer.

Is Buyer Agency illegal in California?

California Buyer’s Agent

A Buyer’s agent can, with a Buyer’s consent, agree to act as agent for the Buyer only. In these situations, the agent is not the Seller’s agent, even if by agreement the agent may receive compensation for services rendered, either in full or in part from the Seller.

Can you work with 2 different real estate agents?

Can you work with more than one real estate agent? The short answer is yes, you can work with multiple real estate agents—under certain circumstances. … Also, if you’re searching for a home in two different locations, you can rationalize working with two different agents.

Does dual agency save money?

Every party can benefit somewhat from a dual-agency situation. The seller may be able to save a small sum of money by only needing to pay commission to a single agent. The entire transaction may be streamlined as well, which means that the purchase of a home could be completed on a shorter timetable.

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