What score do you need to pass the Ohio real estate exam?

What is the pass rate for Ohio real estate exam?

With an 86.5% first time pass rate, our exclusive CompuCram exam prep solution has a proven track record in the industry.

How many questions can you miss on the Ohio real estate exam?

The state specific part of the Ohio Real Estate Broker Exam is comprised of 40 questions and an examinee must answer 30 questions correct to pass (75% correct). The time limit allowed for the state specific part of the Ohio Real Estate Broker Exam is 60 minutes.

How hard is it to pass the real estate exam in Ohio?

Passing the real estate exam can be difficult. According to the Ohio Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing, nearly half of applicants fail their real estate salesperson exam. While this is a sobering figure, you should not let it intimidate you.

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How many times can you take the real estate exam in Ohio?

You are allowed three attempts to pass both the national and state law portions of the exam. If you do not both portions after three attempts, you must take 30 or 60 hours of additional education in order to retake the licensing exam.

Is the real estate exam hard?

Real estate exams are designed to be difficult to pass, so they can weed out people who are not going to be skilled agents. Though the pass rate varies based on the state exam, they hover around 50% across the country. This means only about half of the people who take a state licensing exam pass.

How many people pass the Ohio real estate exam?

Where I live in Ohio, 1 out of 10 realtors pass the test the first time and 6 out of 10 pass the second. To pass, you must correctly answer at least 70% of each portion. Now, that doesn’t seem hard, until you realize how much missing one question can affect your overall score.

What state has the hardest real estate exam?

Hardest States to get a Real Estate License

Of all states, Colorado and Texas come on top as the hardest in terms of granting a real estate license. Each of the states requires some education and a test, which you must pass before being issued with a real estate license.

How much money does a real estate agent make in Ohio?

According to Indeed.com, the average salary for an Ohio Real Estate Agents is $77,112. That wage number is 7% above the national average!

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Can you take the Ohio real estate exam online?

The state requires that you achieve a score of 70% or higher to pass. At Hondros College, we offer CompuCram, the best online exam prep program in the industry to help you prepare for the Ohio real estate licensing exam. Exam prep may be purchased separately or as part of your package.

Is the Ohio real estate exam multiple choice?

Test Content: The Ohio state real estate licensing exam is comprised of two separate portions, the national portion and the state-specific portion. … Both tests are comprised of multiple choice questions with four answer choices provided for each question.

Is it hard to become a real estate agent in Ohio?

It takes at least three months to become a real estate agent in Ohio. Applicants must complete 120 hours of prelicensing instruction. Besides completing your classes, you’ll also need to spend time talking with brokers, studying for the exam, and waiting for your application to be approved.