How many commercial real estate properties are in the US?

How big is the US commercial real estate market?

The total size of commercial real estate in the U.S. was estimated $16 trillion in 2018. Nareit estimates that the 2018 total dollar value of commercial real estate was between $14 and $17 trillion, with a mid-point of $16 trillion. This study was conducted primarily using data from CoStar and other sources.

Who owns the most commercial real estate in the US?

The Largest Commercial Real Estate Companies

  • The Blackstone Group. Founded almost 40 years ago, The Blackstone Group is now the United States’ largest office property owner. …
  • Prologis. …
  • Simon Property Group. …
  • Duke Realty Corp. …
  • General Growth Properties.

What percentage of buildings are commercial?

London’s commercial property accounts for 38% of the UK industry’s total value, far greater than the 23% share of GDP that London generates.

How many commercial properties are sold each year?

California commercial real estate sold prices and values

Values and sold prices (last 24 months) United States California
Number of sales 4,826,142 331,222
Number of sales over $250k 1,544,858 144,221
Number of sales over $1m 397,601 73,244
Number of sales over $10m 58,743 13,134

How will commercial real estate affect 2021?

As expected, commercial real estate transactions showed a decline at the beginning of 2021. Apartment rents are on the rise due to people returning to cities and the expensive housing market forcing them to continue renting.

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Who is the richest real estate developer?

Top Real Estate Billionaires in the World

  • Sam Zell. Net Worth: $4.8 billion. …
  • Stephen Ross. Net Worth: $7.6 billion. …
  • Sun Hongbin. Net Worth: $9.2 billion. …
  • Donald Bren. Net Worth: $17 billion. …
  • David & Simon Reuben. Net Worth: $16 – $18 billion.

Does McDonald’s own the most real estate?

McDonald’s is one of the biggest real estate companies in the world. It owns $28.4 billion worth of land and buildings, before depreciation.