Do the Realtors on selling sunset actually work?

Are the Selling Sunset cast actually Realtors?

Born from the scripted reality TV shows like The Hills, it’s easy to assume that the Selling Sunset cast is all fake, and that they aren’t really real estate agents, but that isn’t strictly the case according to ’90s TV star Dani Behr.

How much of the commission do the Realtors on Selling Sunset get?

“Typically the commission on a purchase is 5%,” she said. “The 5% is split into half for the person who represents the seller and the person who brings the buyer, so you end up with 2.5%.

Do Realtors get paid for Selling Sunset?

Selling Sunset always cuts from sale to sale, making it seem like they’re selling homes constantly. Because Selling Sunset realtors have no base salary, their pay is completely reliant on their ability to sell as many properties as they can. Commission-only pay can be more frustrating for realtors than one might think.

Is million dollar beach house Fake?

From interviews with Zabakolas, it seems that some of the filming was almost too real. Asked by Oprah Mag how real the drama was, she said: “Oh, a hundred percent. Everything was very authentic.”

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Who sells the most on Selling Sunset?

Here are the most successful Selling Sunset agents, ranked by their commission earned.

  • Davina Potratz – $2,250,000. …
  • Mary Fitzgerald – $1,124,250. …
  • Christine Quinn – $932,400. …
  • Chrishell Stause – $539,670. …
  • Heather Young – $460,770. …
  • Maya Vander – $440,700. …
  • Amanza Smith – $247,500.

Do Realtors keep all commission?

Most real estate agents don’t get to keep all of their commission when a home sale closes. Instead they must split the commission with their principal broker — which is a real estate professional that holds a broker’s license and is therefore qualified to supervise real estate transactions.

How does commission work Selling Sunset?

The commission is calculated by subtracting a certain percentage (usually ranges from three per cent to six per cent) from the cost of the house they sell. For example, Mary Fitzgerald recently sold a property worth $8,000,000 and earned a commission of $240,000, which is three percent of the cost of the listing.

Who is Christine Quinn’s husband?

Who bought the 40 million dollar house from Selling Sunset?

Celebrity Real Estate

Ellen DeGeneres Just Bought The Best House In Los Angeles For $40 Million!