Can you sell a property without a completion certificate?

Can you sell house without completion certificate?

A completion certificate is issued when any building work done in your property is inspected and approved by professional building control surveyors. Although you can sell your home without a completion certificate, you may not get as much for it. …

Is completion certificate mandatory?

Upon completion of construction, it is mandatory for the developer or the owner of a stand-alone property to get a completion certificate from the local authority.

What happens if there is no completion certificate?

A Completion certificate is a legal document that attests the fact that a building has been constructed in line with construction norms. … Without a valid certificate, a project or a building is deemed to be illegal and can, therefore, invite penalties or even eviction from the property.

How long does it take to get a completion certificate?

A completion certificate should be received within eight weeks of completion of the building work if it complies with the regulations.

How much does a completion certificate cost?

We can provide a completion certificate for completed works where the original building regulations applications was handled by us. If you are the homeowner or appointed agent, we are able to provide copies of completion certificates for completed applications. There is a cost of £75 for each copy.

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When should I apply for a completion certificate?

The application form for obtaining OC should be submitted within 30 days of completing the construction. The authorities will then conduct a physical inspection of the building and will evaluate if the building is constructed according to the approved plan and then, issue the certificate.

Is Occupancy Certificate and completion certificate same?

Occupancy Certificate examines and certifies a property for adherence to bylaws, civic amenities, electricity, sanitation and other clearances. On the other hand, a Completion Certificate is a document that certifies that a property is fit for possession by the buyers.

Can builder give possession without completion certificate?

“Section 3 (2) (i) of Maharashtra Ownership of Flats Act, 1963, prohibits a builder from inducting any person without completion certificate into the flats and also prohibits the buyer from entering into possession of such flat without Occupancy Certificate or the Completion Certificate,” said Kapadnis.

Is mutation possible without completion certificate?

We have asked him many times but to no avail. How can we get the mutation done? A: The completion certificate of a building is generally issued only when there is no deviation from its sanctioned plan. The mutation cannot be done in the absence of the certificate.