Can I sell my house on Craigslist?

Is Craigslist good for selling?

Craigslist is awesome for selling everyday items, because it’s where people come looking to make a deal. … You’ll do better selling valuable items on specialty sites or even eBay, which is better for getting a fair price due to its international buyers.

Can you list real estate on Craigslist?

For many real estate owners, Craigslist can be an ideal place to sell property, land and developments. It’s free to post an ad (with a few exceptions), and you can repost weekly as needed until you sell.

How effective is Craigslist for real estate?

Craigslist remains one of the most cost effective, efficient marketing platforms that far too many investors aren’t taking advantage of. A propper Craigslist marketing campaign can simultaniously help you find new properties and sell current ones.

What does it cost to sell on Craigslist?

All craigslist postings are free, except for:

Job postings in US and selected CA areas—$10-75 (fee varies by area) Apartment rentals in Boston, Chicago, and NYC areas—$5. Commercial real estate in the US—$5. All for sale by-dealer categories in the US—$3-5.

What is the most sold item on Craigslist?

The 7 Most Popular Items Most Commonly Sold on Craigslist

  • Furniture. Craigslist is the best place to get a great deal on high quality furniture, provided you don’t mind that it has been used. …
  • Computers & Tech. Where would you expect to find used computers and accessories if not on Craigslist? …
  • Cell Phones.
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Should I post my phone number on Craigslist?

But you should also be cautious of sharing your phone number on Craigslist! Automated phishing tools can easily collect your number, and scammers search specifically for this kind of information. … That person can now use your phone number to harass you, and if your number is a landline, they can even locate you.

How do you use Craigslist for real estate?

How To Post Real Estate On Craigslist

  1. Locate the Craigslist dedicated to your particular city.
  2. At the top left of the screen, click “post to classifieds.”
  3. Select the “housing wanted” option, and it’ll automatically take you to the next screen.
  4. Select the “real estate wanted” option.

How do real estate agents get leads?

20 Places to Find Real Estate Leads for New Agents

  1. Reach Out to Friends and Family. …
  2. Attend Chamber of Commerce Events. …
  3. Get Active on Social Media. …
  4. Research Instagram Hashtags. …
  5. Reach Out to FSBO’s. …
  6. Reach Out to FRBO’s. …
  7. Give a Free Seminar. …
  8. Host an Open House.

How do you post a house on Craigslist?

Here’s a step by step guide.

  1. Find the Craigslist in your area.
  2. Once there, choose “Post to Classifieds”.
  3. Click “Housing Offered”.
  4. Next, you will be prompted to choose which type of property you are listing. …
  5. You will then be asked to choose the community nearest you.