Best answer: Can you get a real estate license with a misdemeanor in Florida?

What disqualifies you from being a real estate agent in Florida?

It all depends on the specific crimes on your record and how much time has passed since them. If you have a capital or first-degree felony, for example, your application will be denied. But if you committed a felony like tax evasion or breaking and entering and it’s been 15 years, your application might get approved.

Can you get a Florida real estate license with a criminal record?

You may still apply for a real estate license in Florida if you have a criminal history. Rather than restricting those with certain convictions from applying, the Florida Real Estate Commission considers each applicant on their own merits.

Can you be a real estate agent with a DUI in Florida?

A conviction does not bar you from applying for and obtaining your Florida real estate license. The application will ask you to discuss your history and your conviction.

How far back does a Level 2 background check go in Florida?

How Far Back Does a Level 2 Background Check Go? On a national level, there is no limit to how far back they can go when searching for convictions; however, there are some restrictions. For instance, drug abuse prevention and control offenses only show up if they happened in the past five years.

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How long does a felony stay on your record in Florida?

Felony convictions, however, remain on your record for life unless you’ve been pardoned by the president or the governor. There is one unusual exception to this rule in Florida: You can be guilty of a felony without actually being convicted in a court.

Is the Florida real estate exam hard?

Getting your Florida real estate license is not easy – the Florida real estate exam is difficult! Our data shows the pass rate is around 50-60% at the first attempt. … That hard work does not go unrewarded, the the average salary for a real estate agent in Florida in 2021 is around $92,072.

Is real estate a good career in Florida?

For those interested in becoming a real estate agent, Florida is the place to be. … Real estate is becoming so lucrative in Florida that even foreign investors are taking notice. All of these interested buyers need real estate agents to help them discover the perfect property and manage the sale.

How much do Realtors make in Florida?

To formulate the average salary of an active licensed real estate agent or realtor in Florida is in-fact counterproductive. Specifically, because this career is one of the few in which income potential is matched by individual effort. Top producers in Florida can make well over six-figure or seven-figure incomes.