What does LED mean in commercial real estate?

What is leakage in commercial real estate?

If the landlord or owner underestimates operating costs or there are unexpected major building repairs that occur in a year, the landlord may experience what is referred to non-reimbursable expenses (sometimes called “leakage”) which could negatively impact the return on the property’s investment.

What is T and I in commercial real estate?

A tenant improvement (TI) refers to the improvements a commercial property owner makes to the interior of a rental space to suit the needs of a new tenant. This most specifically takes place in office and retail transactions, and not in multifamily loans.

What does Char mean in real estate?

A modified gross lease is a type of real estate rental agreement where the tenant pays base rent at the lease’s inception, but it takes on a proportional share of some of the other costs associated with the property as well, such as property taxes, utilities, insurance, and maintenance.

What does GRS mean in real estate?


9FS 9 Foot Ceiling-Some
GAR Attached Garage
GRO Attached Garage-Optional
GRS Attached Garage-Some
HF Hardwood Floors
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What does commercial real estate include?

Commercial real estate refers to properties used specifically for business or income-generating purposes. The four main classes of commercial real estate include: office space; industrial; multi-family rentals; and retail.

How can building leakage be prevented?

The following steps are needed for avoiding stagnation of water and resulting seepage/ leakage in buildings. Cleaning of terraces, drains before monsoon and when chocked. Replacement of leaky/damaged washers in fittings. Replacement of leaky/damaged pipe line, gate valves.

How do I get into commercial real estate?

How to Become a Commercial Real Estate Agent

  1. Obtain a Real Estate License. …
  2. Find a Real Estate Brokerage Firm with Commercial Deals. …
  3. Join a Professional Association and/or Become a Realtor. …
  4. Specialize. …
  5. Create a Marketing Strategy. …
  6. Explore Additional Career Options.

Is there a site like Zillow for commercial real estate?

If you want to know what homes are on the market in any given city at any given time, hopping on Zillow can give you a good idea of what’s out there. There really isn’t an equivalent commercial platform. One site that includes a lot of commercial property listings is loopnet.com.

How do I sell my commercial real estate?

There are three main strategies for selling a commercial property of any kind:

  1. Work with a commercial real estate broker.
  2. Market your property on commercial or FSBO listings websites.
  3. Analyze off-market data to identify likely buyers and connect with them directly.

What does base year mean in commercial real estate?

The Base Year clause is a year that is tied to the actual amount of expenses for property taxes, insurance and operating expenses (sometimes called CAM) to run the property in a specified year. In a new lease, the Base Year clause is most often the year the lease is executed or the year in which the lease commences.

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What does CoStar stand for?

CoStar Group provider of commercial real estate information, marketing and analytic services. CO-STAR, an iterative method for innovation management, the acronym standing for: Customer, Opportunity Solution, Team, Advantages and Results.

What is CAF in real estate?

Common Area Factor (CAF)